I was over in the Confessions section of the site today, and I read this post from a guy who’s in the middle of the fight of his life – a fight for his life.

He’s got a wife, two kids, and one more on the way – and yet he finds himself having been unfaithful to his wife and struggling with an addiction that has the potential to destroy everything that is dearest to him.

How do we get ourselves into situations like this?  Why do we put up with addictions and behaviors that we despise deep down?

I think we all know the answer to that question.  It’s what makes an addiction an addiction.  When we’re at our best, we would love nothing more than to snap our fingers and be rid of those thoughts and behaviors.  It’s when we’re at our lowest, though, that temptation hits and we’re more than willing to give in, despite our knowledge of what the consequences could and will be.

The bottom line is this:  we can’t just snap our fingers and make it go away.  It’s not that easy.  We have to be willing to take action – to do whatever it takes to separate ourselves from the addiction – no matter how difficult or uncomfortable it may be for us.

To the man who posted this confession, and to others who find themselves in the same (or similar) circumstances:  I’m praying for you.  I hate this for you and for your family.  I know, at times, words of counsel from others can just sound empty, but I hope you know that you are not alone and that there truly is hope and victory within your grasp.

It will require action on your part, but if victory over these things is what you’re looking for, it will seem a small price to pay.

I encourage you to find someone close to you who will be willing to keep you accountable – to ask you the hard questions on a daily basis.  That may be an uncomfortable conversation to have, but it is so necessary.  Finding a solid Christian counselor may also be necessary.

I encourage you to set up boundaries for yourself.  Get rid of the things that lend themselves to your temptation.  Check out these incredible resources for help.

This confession ended with a desire to get back into right relationship with God.  Let me assure you that God isn’t angry with you but, instead, desires to forgive and help you if you will ask.  His strength alone will carry you where you want to go.

Remember – you’re never alone, and it’s never too late.