Tonight I am sitting here as my little girl packs her bags for her very first camp. While I am watching her gather her things I realize that soon she will be packing her bags to start a life of her own. I am thinking about how many of these girls that leave home end up on a computer screen having sex with numerous men and women or giving some stranger a lap dance in a bar across town. This reminds me of a post I once read on some forum several years ago. I remembered I had saved it on another computer and I want to share part of this unknown mans story with you.

A few days ago I received an anonymous email telling me that my 20 year old daughter is a “porn star”, along with a link to her pay adult website. I was shocked and devastated to say the least, as she has always been an exemplary child raised on Christian values.

Her mother died when she was 7, and I raised her and her little brother all by myself. I never even remarried, just so I could make sure that I was devoting all my time, energy, and resources to her and her brother. It was very difficult, but we made it through alright. Or so I thought.

She was a straight A student all through grade school, and even though her grades slipped a little bit in high school, she made it to college and has done very well for two years with a 3.5 GPA.

I couldn’t be prouder of her, but now this. A very well designed adult website with thousands of pictures of my daughter in various stages of undressing, playing with sex toys, and making out with other girls.

She seems to be very popular in the “teen girls” genre of pornography, with many sites having pictures and links to her own website. A Google search with her stage name (which unfortunately is very similar to her real name) brings up 472,000 results. Some of the pictures I saw were stamped “Copyright 2005”, which means she has been doing this for at least two years, since she turned 18 (and hopefully not before then).


I remember when I read this my heart broke. Not only for this guy but for his daughter. How did she get caught up in this lifestyle? Will my daughter get caught up in this mess?  I also remember reading about a man who Googled his daughters name and found she had a porn site of her own. I can’t and don’t want to inmagine what it would be like to stumble across something like that.

I tell you this because if you comsume porn remember that the women you are looking at could be your daughter, sister or even your neice. These women and their families will have scars that will last a lifetime. This is not the life that daddy wished for his little girl.


Steve Oh