I hear it all the time in my groups, words like “Kids are resilient”, “Well the kids are all grown now”, “It will be better now because we are not always fighting”, and even this one…”I have asked the kids and they agree, we will all be happier”…

This is not an entry to throw blame and guilt, it is a question for you who are the children of divorce or maybe more accurate, are from a “broken” home…Did you ever wish? Did you ever wish for reconciliation?  Did you ever wish for just one more Christmas together?  Did you ever dream of reconciliation?….Did you ever wish?

I know some of you may remember the fights, the yelling…some of you from divorce may have seen the beatings…I am not excusing that, but I just want to know if you, like me, ever wished it could have been different.

Today we seem to toss marriages away so easy and I just thought if some of you would not mind sharing the pain of divorce…just maybe we could stop just one.

I was 18 when my parents divorced and even today at 49 I live with the question, what if?  My mom and my dad are both gone now…I remember the Christmas’s, the decorating of the tree…I remember how the family took sides during the divorce, aunts and uncles saying awful things about the other side.  I just wanted it to stop…I just wished for the peace that we once shared as a family…I just wished…It broke my heart and it has effected my entire life…and then I almost did the same thing to my own children…Glory to God for saving my marriage so my children do not have to wish…

I believe divorce lives on, silently, in the lives of all of us who come from divorce and maybe we can just talk about it here.

Please share your story…Thanks for being here…God loves you.

Steve G