I Beg That You Would Choose Wife

Marriage can be full of adventure, surprises and just pure joy. The pursuit of a woman in the context of marriage is an endless fight that men are called everyday. Often though, our expectations of each other sideline that joy that is set out before us.

“The number one problem between men and their women is that we men, when asked to truly fight for her…hesitate. We are still seeking to save ourselves, we have forgotten the deep pleasure of spilling our life for another.” – John Eldredge Wild at Heart p.86

Husbands, we are expected to respond in love and leadership. We are expected to jump, like out of the starter blocks on a 200m sprint, towards fulfilling the desires and needs that provide security to our wives. When we hesitate, and when we turn inward emotionally, it’s like we’ve decided to walk instead of run the sprint.

When we forfeit the idea of adventure, surprises and joy in our marriage, because we experience the crushing reality of our own sin…we lose sight of who we are fighting for. We lose sight of our prize, our beauty. And to what do we turn?

I beg that we would choose our wives. Our hearts expect to live out marriage to its fullest, even when our minds do not. So when our marriage is broken, our minds attempt to overcompensate for our hearts desire. We get comfortable in our sin and we choose everything but our wives. We even make excuses to justify our brokenness by attempting to draw them into it with us.

Again I say, I beg that we would choose our wives. Even though what we expect from our marriage may not be the reality of our experience,  it is possible to live in the joy that is set before us, and to run the race at full speed.

We have been given a hope through Christ that outweighs any broken relationship, any unmet expectation, any sinful or selfish desire we can muster up. And we have as husbands been given the opportunity to live in the reality of His love by doing what we are made to do. By not hesitating to rescue our beauty, by listening to our heart, and not settling for unmet expectations and succumbing to sin.