At times we see the good life, but wonder if we can experience it. Sometimes in life we experience the “glass ceiling” effect.

We can see the good life, but have trouble experiencing it. We have those dreams in life of what life would look life we everything fell into place the way it was supposed to. Yet we feel held back, like we are stuck in chains. Seeing isn’t believing.

Like an unreachable record. I am a baseball fan and a Tigers fan.  It was awesome seeing Miguel Cabrera get the Triple Crown and being the first one since 1967. Yet I would rather see the Tigers win the World Series. Sometimes we get close but our last one was in 1984.

There are things keeping us from reaching that next level, sometimes it feels like a goal just out of reach. When we look at our own lives porn can keep us from experiencing the good life. It can keep us occupied and keep us from living our lives to full potential. We can feel like it’s in our grasp to stop whenever we want when that could be further from the truth.

We see what a life would look like without any restrictions or our minds keeping us from accomplishing life. Porn can and does hold us down. It might give us some enjoyment in the moment but far from the long run. It doesn’t replace the real thing.

You can like your fantasy football team and win your league, but it’s just a fantasy. It’s not the real thing. This is what porn is, it’s a fantasy, while it might feel good in the moment it doesn’t replace the real thing. I would rather cheer on the Tigers winning the World Series then I would win in fantasy sports.

God calls us to have this abundant life, the good life. Get past what’s keeping you under that glass ceiling. It is possible. Paul tells us this in Romans 6:23… “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

While we are sinner and don’t deserve to go to heaven, God gives us eternal life and grace. The glass ceiling that porn can keep us under can be broken. Become what you believe and know you can defeat porn. You don’t have to be held down any longer and can break through. The good life isn’t that far away.