I am just back from the Exxxotica NYC show. I am still a little jacked up after such an amazing weekend. I got to meet some great people and we handed out 5000 bibles. I had some great conversations and interactions with the attendees as well as the staff and volunteers from XXX Church.

Over the last 3 days of being inside a porn show I came to realize somethings. First thing I realized is that and it is obvious porn is big business. I know that a business is not going to pay big bucks on sponsorship and booth space if they are not going to turn a profit. We all know that porn makes millions. But what exactly are they making the millions from? It is not just movies and pictures. Here is the deal and some background on where I am going with this. I can’t tell you how many people said that porn was just fun and that it doesn’t cause any problems. I just enjoy looking at it. Its no problem. This coming from a guy who just purchased a thermos (thats what it looked like if you put a handle on it) with a replica of a porn stars “business” on top. He purchased this so he could pretend he is having sex with which ever star he purchased. When in real time he is just having sex with a thermos. How is having sex with a thermos not a problem? Another way for them to make millions.

Here is where I get mad! Men we need to start treating women like women and not like property and play toys. I saw grown men act like 12 and 13 year old boys in the convention. Just running around aimlessly just grabbing all the freebies and taking pictures of all the girls. The thing that ticks me off the most is yes the girls are there to have their pictures taken but when they are engaged in a conversation with someone don’t just take pictures of them from behind. Then you follow them around like lost puppies. Then you have the guys walking their girlfriends around on a leash or the guys getting their girlfriends or wives to take pictures of them while they lay their head on the girls butt or boobs. How must this woman feel? Knowing that her husband or boyfriend has the hots for all these other women. I’m sure she thinks that she is not good enough for him.What about her? There was  this retired man that came up and spoke with me and one of the other volunteers. He said that he is looking to get into the porn business. My friend asked if he had a daughter and he of course stated “yes” and before the next question could come he said “and no I would not want them doing this.” Here is the kicker he also said ” they wouldn’t do it anyway they have masters degrees.” I thought to myself what does he think about these girls? Just because they don’t have a degree this is all they can do or all they are good for! Most of these women have baggage that comes along with what they do. What gives that man the right to say that just because his daughters were raised a certain way and have an education that they are too good to do porn. I am sure some are in the business for themselves but the majority get into the business to support a child, or pay for an education. Eventually they are just sucked in by everything. If an potential employer finds out what they have been doing it could be the end of the line and back to porn.It is a no win situation sometimes. We have to remember too that women in the sex industry are someones daughter ,sister, mother, cousin,niece they have family and most of the family have no idea what they do for a living. How would you feel if you received an email from one of your work buddies of a naked women and you opened it up and it was your daughter? I already know the answer I have heard it a million times. Remember this when you click on that site, buy a magazine, or want to go to the conventions.

I have worked 2 porn conventions this year that is a total of about 50 hours inside. I find the more time I spend around the industry the more disgusted I get with it and that Exxxotica is not so exotic.It is filled with sadness.I still love the people and I know that Jesus loves them and can make a change for the good. Remember if you are struggling with porn there is help on this site. Just as we tell those we come in contact with at the conventions Jesus loves you no matter what you do or have done. He will not stop loving you. He has better things in store for your life.


Steve Oh

Love Jesus/Love People