Get Pure EyesHey guys, I’m pretty excited to tell you that the publishers of the book Pure Eyes are running a promotion through Amazon and Barnes and Noble where you can download the e-book version of Pure Eyes completely FREE.

Just in case you don’t know, Pure Eyes is an amazing book that I co-wrote with my friend Steve Luff. You might remember Steve from our webinar 5 Proven Way to Overcome Pornography. If you didn’t see that you can watch it here.

In this book you will learn so much about the nature of pornography addiction.

  • You’ll discover what triggers your desire to act out.
  • You’ll learn about the roots of addiction.
  • You’ll find out why there are times you are motivated to watch porn even when you saw nothing sexual at all.
  • You’ll learn about the differences between “Real” change and what we call “white-knuckle” change.

Most importantly you’ll discover the keys to beating porn addiction … or any addiction for that matter.

Pure Eyes is a must read for anyone struggling with sexual addiction or temptation and is the foundation for our X3pure workshop and X3groups online support program.

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It’s only a 1 day offer so do it now! You’ll be happy you did.