I have to say that honestly I do not know any men that truly want to talk about masturbation or the struggles they have with porn. I mean yeah we joke about it with each other and make as many jeers as we can but when we sit down and honestly think about it and we have realized there is a problem, we don’t want to talk about it at all.

Who wants to truly admit they have a problem. Because then we learn we have to deal with that problem. Admittance even though it is the first step to recovery is still a first step. You still have to take it and therefore it is still a struggle.

 My problem first came to light when I knew God was calling me to work in Ministry. I knew from experience through past struggles there was going to have to be an air of invisibility. I had to be clear and concise. I had to make sure when people looked into my past they say a struggle but not skeletons.

 I was working on a radio show at the time and I decided to come clean to my entire audience. I told them all of my addictions with sex, with sin, with hate, with unforgiveness, and with unbelief.

 Once I told all my fans I had mixed reviews.

 “Haters guna hate and lovers guna love” became my personal motto and still is to this day.

 I learned that we all struggle and we must come clean at some point because lets be honest. There is nothing in life that is a simple struggle. We have to learn the through faith we must move that mountain. We must shout at the top of our lungs and declare the Lord your God and through confession your soul will and always will be clear.