For most of XXXchurch’s two decades of ministry, our mission was summed up with these three words.

Awareness. Prevention. Recovery.

The awareness part of our work came through our 1,000’s of blog posts, videos, podcasts, media interviews, and more. And to be truthful, the term awareness covered a lot of territory.  

We wanted people to be aware of… 

  • Porn’s harmful effects.
  • The widespread consumption of porn.
  • The fact that their struggle wasn’t unique.
  • Jesus’s open-door policy when it comes to love and grace.
  • The dangers unfettered internet access posed to children and families.
  • The downside of social media and other online activities.

The list goes on.

The prevention aspect of our efforts specifically referred to X3watch and other accountability tools we’ve offered over the years to men, women, pastors, and parents to help “keep them off porn.” But of course, we all know that in this day and age, the idea of real prevention is a bit unrealistic for many as society has become so sexually saturated it’s hard to avoid the numerous pitfalls that surrounding us. 

Finally, the recovery part of our ministry was where I found myself most involved, especially during the early days as I was building and leading our small groups online program. And as a former addict myself, this part of XXXchurch has always held the most emotional significance for me. 

All that said, it’s safe to say that over the past two decades, XXXchurch has been many things to many people. 

We’ve tried to fill various needs and roles. This can be a good thing, especially when discussing the need for inclusion. But it can also be a confusing thing for those who don’t exactly know where they fit in. 

It was time for an adjustment to our approach.

Consequently, in 2021 when we took over XXXchurch from Fireproof Ministries, we changed our mission and summed it up this way:

Communicate. Cultivate. Connect.

Communicate, because while It may not be popular or convenient, we are here to talk about the realities of sexual addiction, porn use, and the cloud of shame that’s been unnecessarily created around these topics.

Cultivate, because our focus is to create safe places and communities for anyone seeking healing and freedom. Communities like Live Free, where all conversations are welcome, and nothing is off the table.

Connect, because we’re committed to helping people find the support and instruction they need by plugging them into the communities and resources required for true life transformation.

With this change in mission in 2021 also came some changes in the resources we offered.

Out with the old…

  • X3watch still exists, but we do not own or manage it. We continue to recommend it for those who want internet accountability and filtering software. But as we know all too well, real accountability is found within the context of relationships and honesty, not software.
  • X3workshops and all the courses once offered under that brand, such as Best Sex Life Now, Fighting for My Marriage, and Open was discontinued due to our extreme focus on recovery related programs and communities. Fireproof Ministries still retains ownership of those materials, and anyone who once purchased those courses can still access them here.
  • The Recover online workshop for betrayed spouses was discontinued as we concentrated more on the need for spousal support than video content. Again, those materials continue to be the property of Fireproof Ministries who provide access or support to anyone who previously purchased those materials. 

In with the new…

  • Small Groups Online continues to be one of our most valuable and life-changing programs that offer men, women, and spouses the opportunity to connect face-to-face each week with others on the same recovery and healing journey.
  • The Live Free Community App was launched in 2019 and is a focal point for all our ministries, offering men a simple and safe way to find community support with access to exclusive content offering practical teaching and instruction.
  • Our Live Free Wives Community is a free support community for spouses who’ve been hurt by sexual betrayal and continues to grow every month at an alarming rate.
  • X3pure has been a resource offered through XXXchurch for over a decade now. Throughout that time, there have been many iterations of it including the current version I teach. That said, there is no denying the impact on the 1,000’s of men who’ve taken that course, so we continue to offer X3pure as a central part of our recovery resource portfolio.
  • The 10 Day Freedom from Porn Action Plan is a free eCourse we offer that has helped over 2,000 men and women build a plan to break free from porn use and start living the life they were meant to live.

And so as with everything else, as XXXchurch continues to evolve and grow, so does the family of resources we offer. 

But make no mistake, our goal with the resources we offer is the same as it has always been. 

To help people break free of destructive patterns that prevent them from enjoying the full life they were created to enjoy.

XXXchurch may no longer be the ministry that seeks to be all things to all people. But it will always be one thing to all people.

A place of safety, support and hope for those who feel alone and hopeless.