I’m assuming that the majority of you reading this are either here seeking some help or you know someone that needs help and you are trying to get some answers.

Any adventure for help and change begins with baby steps. What baby steps have you taken? Maybe you have taken some huge steps in faith. What have those steps been and how has it helped you in seeing some satisfaction in changing what you want changed?

It takes a certain amount of faith to take these steps because you are starting a new adventure, something to change your life. You don’t know what really is ahead for you. Has having one or more people in your life helping you do this been an encouragement and help? Fighting this fight can sometimes feel very lonely and what do you do to help this not be a source of your defeat? I know for myself in any area I am trying to change and see growth I need the encouragement of God’s promises and the support of someone else that has been through what I am going through. I think at the beginning of this, it helps to have a steady regular involvement in something like Celebrate Recovery or the many types of help you can find through this site. If you’ve done this, how has this worked for you? If you haven’t taken advantage of these sources and are trying to go at it alone, how has that helped you out?

In my years of counseling and helping others, I have seen successes and unfortunately some failures. One thing I believe strongly in is never giving up. You are only a failure when you stop trying. When you have a setback, pick yourself up-dust yourself off and start all over again. I’ve said it a billion times; I’d rather be 5 feet from the precipice of hell heading away, than two thousand miles away heading straight for the cliff. What has encouraged you to keep fighting? How have you been convinced to get back on the bike and keep peddling? Keep taking baby steps and prayerfully you will see some sprints and big changes in the scenery. Keep fighting the fight! Lean on the One who loves you the most!