As children we have all played the game Hide & Seek, as you know the object is to hide from the one trying to find you.  Common sense says go to a dark area, don’t move and don’t say a word.

Viewing porn is kinda like that in the sense that you hide your useage from your family, friends and it if your married your spouse.  You are also hiding from yourself and not seeing what you are doing is slowly tearing away at the fiber of your being.

I am talking to you from 40 years of playing this game and I have become very good at it, so I can say I have walked in your shoes and I know how you feel. About 5 years ago my wife found out about my hiding games and forced me to get help of which I am so glad that she did, her love is that strong for me.

Hiding in dark places is not good for your emotions and it will catch up to you believe me I know.  You can not hide from your Heavenly Father and His love for you is stronger than you can ever imagine.
The world may view you as a pervert at times, but your Heavenly Father views you as His child and He only wants the best for you.  His word says in Romans… “that you are more than a conqueror”, and in Ephesians “…that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you”  The longer that you hide the deeper you will fall.

If you need someone to talk and someone who has been in your shoes let’s talk.