Accountability software is important. I believe that using the software helps someone struggling with sexual addiction. It deters me from looking up stuff. But how do you use accountability software?

We could get into the technical aspect of how to install it and whatnot but that’s not what this blog is for. I use x3watch myself. It is totally worth the cost of it. It not only reports bad websites, but blocks them as well.

I have my wife as the administrator of the program on our home computer. She has the password (that I do not know) to the settings. It is very important that I (as well as anyone who uses the software) do not know the password. The reason for this is so that I do not go into the program and disable whenever I am tempted to do something I shouldn’t.

I also have three accountability partners that x3watch reports to. My wife, my brother-in-law, and one of my best friends are the people on my list. These are people very close to me. They can go online and look at my web history statistics. They also get the emails that say if I’ve been to or tried to go to any bad websites. 

On my phone I also have x3watch, with the same three people on that accountability partner list as well. Not only do I have that, but I also have my android app market set to only display apps of low maturity so that sexually themed apps should not come up. To do this, you need to set up a pin number. Once again, my wife knows the pin, and I do not. It is vital for me not to know this pin, because it is too easy to disable it if I know it.

The purpose of accountability software is to help keep you, well, accountable. Choose friends that are not afraid to ask you the hard questions. Friends who are not afraid of uncomfortable conversation that results from the hard questions.