As men we all to often struggle with our sin and removing it from our lives. With sexual sin it can be even harder for a man to move out of the gutter and get the help that is so needed.

One of the largest issues that we have as men in allowing ourselves to move on and get that help we need is shame.

The shame that we can feel is paralyzing and can stop us right in our tracks when it comes to asking for help or even admitting to ourselves that we have a problem. How ever, if we do not take that shame ans move it to the side allowing ourselves to make that next step in our recovery, we just will not get there.

So many of us here that visit this site have been there. We have wanted to make that next step and shame got in the way from us asking for accountability. We have wanted to stop looking at porn and allow for God to work in our hearts and start our recovery untill shame stepped in.

Many men visit this site. Many men are here looking for help. Many men are once where you where and now is the ti e to help them.

So the question this week is, how did you overcome the shame that is so hard to remove? What did you do to help you move on in your recovery?