Most likely you have heard the term “competitive advantage.” Oxford dictionary defines this word as follows:

“A condition or circumstance that puts a company in a favorable or superior business position.”

Companies and brands are always looking for ways to increase their competitive advantage, so they can attract more customers and grow market share. 

And why?

In the business world, your competitors are your rivals. They are the ones that stand in the way of your success and dreams. At least in theory. But while the belief that “my success depends on your failure” is not a desirable characteristic for someone who has faith in God’s ultimate providence, it can be relevant to the journey of recovery. 

Because the truth is this: You need a competitive advantage over your addiction.

Understand that the factors which have led you to the place you find yourself in currently are many. These include:

  • Past trauma and hurt
  • Social systems and structures that empathize conditional love and acceptance.
  • Misguided or even bad theologies.
  • Years of isolation and withdrawal.
  • And increased dopamine dependence.
  • Difficulty with regulating one’s emotions. 

And so when faced with the prospects of recovery, you have many hurdles to overcome if you wish to find success and lasting freedom. 

This is why stopping unwanted sexual behaviors isn’t as easy as turning off a switch, being more determined, or using parental control and filters to block digital access. It takes a lot of effort, multiple resources, and ongoing support. 

In other words, it requires a competitive advantage.

This means if you want to “win” your addiction must “lose.” And the way you can help ensure that happens is by incorporating some or all of the following into your recovery plan:

1. Counseling This doesn’t mean necessarily sex addiction counseling, but someone that can help you work on your identity, trauma, shame, and self-worth issues. Of course, if they have a background in sex addiction counseling, that’s a big plus!

2. Personal Accountability – This one can get you into trouble if you don’t understand what healthy accountability looks like. Healthy accountability is more than relying on an app or having someone you can confess to every time you mess up. Healthy accountability is inviting someone into your life and allowing them to speak into your decisions, thoughts, and questions.

3. Community Support – This one should honestly be #1 on your list because recovery is all about connection. When we feel connected, we feel safe. When we feel secure and loved, it’s easier to make decisions based on our values and beliefs, rather than our temporary emotions or impulses.

4. Ongoing Learning – The old adage goes, “knowing is half the battle”, and this holds true even for addressing unwanted sexual behaviors. When you gain a deeper understanding of the root causes of your struggles, you equip yourself with the awareness and insight necessary to tackle them more effectively.

So if you are tired of feeling like you’re getting your butt whooped by your “addiction” day after day, invest in the ares of life you need the most help and gain that competitive advantage.

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