Every read the scripture in Romans chapter 8 that said we are “more then conquerors “. Now think about that and wrap your tiny little brain around it. “More then conquerors”. Because being a conqueror isn’t enough? Why would I need to be more then a conqueror? Isn’t being a conquerors enough in itself? Apparently not.

See as men we can conquer “moments”. We can conquer a “situation’. We can be horny as all get out and still not give into pornography for that ‘moment’. We have in essence conquered a moment. But, we may not be prepared to be more then conquerors. We may look at a woman (and or man) lustfully, not allow our mind to wander extensively and say to ourselves we have conquered that moment. Then 2 days later completely fall flat on our faces, drowning in our own lustful thoughts, actions and perversions.

So how does one become more then conquer? Is it a pill? Is it “another” rule? So many people search the scriptures, not searching for answers, but searching for another rule to abide by, or another “do or don’t” list to follow. Yet they are not searching for the root of who they are in scriptures. Right after it says “we are more then conquerors” the beauty lies in the following words. “Through Him who loved us”.

There will not be a pill; there will not be a sermon, a conference, a book, or an author who will reveal the “magic secret” of how to quit an addiction to pornography. No pastor, no friend, no spouse can give you the final answer that puts you over the edge to complete victory. All these things are simply “help mates” (and much needed might I add).

Complete victory comes when we can say we are more then conquerors, and being more then a conquerors is understanding we can only be such a thing when we realize it is only through Him who loves us.

God loves you, and has given you the power to be more then a conqueror.
Keep fighting

Jimmy Smuda