Week One: Get Out Of The Room

It’s summertime! And it is getting hot. Wherever we go, we will see men and women wearing less clothing. What does this mean when we battle with lust? Temptation. This month is on a mission to help you gracefully deal with that temptation.

If there is one man in the Bible who knew how to stay cool when it got hot, it would have to be Joseph. Genesis 39 teaches us that Potiphar’s wife wanted to sleep with Joseph. In fact, she threw herself at him several times. Joseph said no on multiple occasions because he wanted to honor God and his boss, Potiphar.

But because of her relentless pursuit, there came a day when Joseph literally had to leave the room. Do you know what gets many of us in trouble? We stay in rooms that we should be leaving. For instance, when you have conversations on social media in the DM (direct message) that you know you shouldn’t have. Or when you’re not married and you want to practice purity, but you often find yourself locked in your bedroom with your partner. Some of you know you can’t be alone in the room with your laptop because you know what temptation will arise, but you stay there anyway. 

Friend, your breakthrough can only be found in what you’re willing to break away from. Joseph was a blessed man because he was willing to break away from what had the potential to break him. Today, I encourage you to ask God for strength to remove yourself from any room that has the potential to hinder you and don’t be afraid to ask a friend to keep you accountable either. Remember, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

Love Always,
Brittni De La Mora