Week Four: Remember Your Why

In 2006, when I gave my life to God, I purchased a book on purity. I knew God had given me a second chance to practice sexual purity. This was something I had never done, but as I grew closer to God it became something that was important to me. I wanted to be a man who honored God. One line that stuck out to me as I read this book on purity was “Remember what you’re fighting for.”

Remember what you’re fighting for became life-changing words for me when temptation would arise. So much so that I created a list of things I was fighting for.

On that list I wrote down:
  1. I want to fight for purity and righteousness
  2. I want to fight to make sure that I honor God with my life
  3. I want to fight for the power of God to be in my life so that when I am given the opportunity to preach, not only will I have an anointed word, but I will be a man who lives what I preach. I don’t want to be a hypocrite. 

I created this list to remind myself of what I was fighting for and I encourage you to do the same! Create your own unique and individual list. It might look much different from mine, and that’s okay. Just make your list and put it somewhere where you’ll see it daily.

Proverbs 29:18 KJV says, “Where there is no vision the people perish.”

Oftentimes the reason we go back to our past or stay stuck right where we are is that we forgot what our vision was. You’ll always go backwards when you don’t remember what you’re fighting for. What are you fighting for today? 

With my life, I want to make sure that everything I do honors God. Purity for me is not a moment, purity for me is a lifestyle. I pray that purity would be a lifestyle for you as well and this happens when we remember what we are fighting for. I am praying for you today and I believe that as you remember your why your vision will become your reality!