Over the past couple of weeks I have had my head in several different books.  While I was reading one book in-particular I came across an amazing story of how the Eskimos sometimes deal with predatory wolves. What the Eskimos will do to protect their family is someone will go out and hunt down a rabbit or squirrel. The hunter then takes a two-edged knife and dips it into the animals blood. They then allow the blood to freeze on the knife blade. Once the blood is frozen they then bury the handle of the knife in the ground firmly and leave the blood covered blade exposed.

During the night, a wolf will get a wiff of the blood in the air and locate where the sent is coming from. Once the sent is located the wolf begins to lick the blade. The frozen blood and ice cold blade begin to numb the wolf’s tongue as he continues to lick. After a few licks the wolf slices his tongue on the blade and begins to taste his own warm blood. Numb to the pain the wolf begins to lick harder and faster. Without realizing a thing the wolf slices his tongue to shreds. By the time the wolf realizes what has happened, too much damage has been done and he slowly bleeds to death.

I must admit my stomach turned a little when I originally read this story. I would say this is pretty accurate description of what happens to us when we look at porn. You may have started off with things like Maxim,Stuff or Victoria Secret catalog. As beginners we get a taste of the high impact pleasure and slowly start to integrate fantasies, images, and desires into everyday thoughts and behaviors. Eventually you are into hard-core porn and trying to find someone other than your spouse on Craigslist to meet for sex. You guys know what I am talking about. I hear it all the time. Sex with my wife does not seem as exciting as what I see on dvd or over the net.You think you can find that thrill with someone else. Well bubba let me tell you something. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO FIND IT! You think you may have found it but as you continue down this path of destruction you will get numb to what gets you off and move on to something else. Just as the wolf slowly died, so is your ability to have a meaningful,loving intimate relationship with your wife and family.Porn by its very nature isolates an individual-making him more intent on satisfying selfish needs even at the expense of his marriage, family, financial stability, and career.

We can’t change our past, we can change our future. In the upcoming days or even hours you will face many moments of decision. Sexual temptation is dangerous. What starts as a thought will turn into a look, followed by lingering thoughts, which can quickly become actions. Be careful this week and don’t allow yourself to become numb to the sexual dangers around you. It maybe flirting in the office, watching something you know you shouldn’t, getting on websites searching for sex dates. You need to make up your mind now that you are going to make the right decisions. Deal with each one at a time. When the battles come…WIN!

Steve Oh