Over the next week or so many of us will be off work and spending more time at home. With more time at home and possibly more time to ourselves we may see more opportunities to look at porn. You need to start now planning your days in advance. We all know the saying about “idle hands”. I know some guys who need to plan ahead. Why? Because they can’t handle being alone with the computer or their phone. One of the other things that can get us over the Christmas season is the gifts that people get.  Lets be honest here for a minute, we as men are going to at times revert back to being a 14 year old boy. We are going to see how far we can take some of our gifts. I remember one year I got a BB gun for Christmas. The gun was designed to be pumped up to 10 times then fired. What did I do? After about the first hour I decided that I could pump it 15 times then 20 and so on. Eventually I would put so much air in it I could hardly get the pump to go back. Unfortunately the same things will happen this year. But it wont be the BB gun, its going to be all the electronic gadgets that we get or that our kids get. Some of the gaming systems that you hook up to the Internet. Someone will wait till their family is in bed go to the living room and see if they can pull up porn with the XBOX or the Playstation and yes even the Wii. While we are on the subject of gaming systems. Last year some friends of mine got a deal on a Nintendo Wii from the pawn shop. They gave it to their kids. One day his wife came in the room and the kids were looking at porn. They had no idea what they were looking at but their mom shut it down and waited to dad to come home. When dad got home he took the Wii and found that the hard drive was full of porn. It can be done. As far as other gifts go we have cell phones that can pick up porn, mp3 players that can have porn flicks downloaded, and it can even be a simple as a pornographic card someone received they want you to see. It will be everywhere.


This Christmas season remember, don’t put yourself in situations that you know maybe hazardous to your recovery process. You know which family member is going to try and show you something you don’t need to see. You also know your limitations during alone time. Keep your self in check. While you are home for Christmas keep yourself safe, accountable, and most of all porn free.

I wish you a very Merrry Christmas!


Steve Oh