Just the other day I was listening to the radio and a song came on that I had forgotten about. The song was “Liar” by Henry Rollins. While I was riding down the road rocking out the lyrics began to hit me in the head like a hammer. With phrases like “everything I say is everything you’ve ever wanted to hear so you drop all your defenses and you drop all your fears and you trust me completely I’m perfect in every way cause I make you feel so strong and so powerful inside you feel so lucky” and in the second verse I believe it is he says “I’ll hide behind a smile and understanding eyes and I’ll tell you things that you already know so you can say I really identify with you, so much and all the time that you’re needing me is just the time that I’m bleeding you
don’t you get it yet?” Powerful! When it comes to sexual purity and pornography are we really honest? Do you tell your wife or girlfriend about your Internet or dvd adventures or do you tell them what they want to hear?

When it comes to lying I am reminded of King David in 2 Samuel as he embarks down a dark path. During this time King David had sent all of his men into battle. Here is where I believe the problems begin. David should have been on the battlefield with his men. Instead he was at home just hanging around. Isn’t that how it starts most of the time for us? David, I assume was bored. I say this because the scripture says that “when evening came David arose from his bed and walked around on the roof of the king’s house”. Ok it is evening and David is just getting out of bed. His men are fighting for their lives and here David is sleeping all day. Who can relate? While David was roaming around he saw from his roof a woman bathing (naked) and she was HOT! David was now David the lusting voyeur. He thought to himself I need to find out who this women is. So David sent and inquired about the women. David soon found out that her name was Bathsheba the wife yes wife of Uriah. Long story short David sent for Bathsheba. By the time he learned that she was married,remember David had already let lust get its nasty little hooks into his heart, and his lustful desire outweighed his good sense and integrity.Lust can do that to a person — yes, even you, if you allow it to dwell long enough. The bible goes on to say the did the deed and then she later sent word that she was pregnant.

When David found this out he did like most of us would do. He tried to cover up his sin and shift the responsibility to someone else. David called Uriah back from battle and told him to go home and wash his feet. Uriah did not go home. He slept at the door of the king’s house. When David heard of this he asked Uriah “Why did you not go home?” Uriah answered “My men are camping in open fields. Why should I go to my house eat, drink and have sex with my wife? Uriah just told him “I ain’t doing it.” David sent word back to Joab, the leader of the king’s army, to put Uriah in a place where he would be killed. Although he did not know why the king had ordered Uriah’s death, Joab obeyed his king’s command, probably under the assumption that the king had good reason, and that perhaps Uriah had somehow been disloyal to the kingdom.After Uriah was killed David brought Bathsheba in to be his wife. David thought he was safe. The only living person who knew the entire truth and could testify against him was Bathsheba, and and her silence was probably motivated by fear for her own life. There also were some men who served the king, who had partial knowledge, but they remained loyal to the king — even when he was wrong — and were probably compensated for their silence. All of his bases were covered — or so he thought. He only overlooked one small detail: you can’t hide your heart from God.

The story goes on but I am going to stop here. The lies we tell always end up catching up with us. I remember when I was a kid and lied about many things. There was one time when I was in middle school and I got some progress reports sent home because my grades weren’t so hot. Mom asked me if I got any and I told her “No!” When it came time for the progress reports to be returned I didn’t turn them back in . Of course the teacher called home and told mom and dad that I got one. I was a nervous wreck for days. I had this pain in the pit of my stomach.The guilt was killing me and that was over a progress report. Imagine how David felt he was covering up adultery,pregnancy and murder. The same thing happens when we cover up porn. The guilt builds up as we are consuming it.The more we lie the easier it becomes. We begin to figure out how to lie about more things. How many of you hide the cable bill when you have rented porn? Do you have a post office box or email address your wife does not know about? What are you lying about?

Do yourself and your family a favor. Stop lying now! Now is the easiest time to do it. You wont believe how free you will feel and how much easier it will be to overcome porn when you are honest about it. A wise man once said “I cannot tell a lie.” Make that your motto today.

In closing here are a few verses on lying..

Psalms 31:18
Let their lying lips be silenced,
for with pride and contempt
they speak arrogantly against the righteous.

Psalm 52:2-4
Your tongue plots destruction; it is like a sharpened razor, you who practice deceit. You love evil rather than good,  falsehood rather than speaking the truth. Selah. You love every harmful word, O you deceitful tongue!

Psalm 119:29
Keep me from deceitful ways; be gracious to me through your law.

Proverbs 12:22
The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful.

Proverbs 12:19
Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment.

Steve Oh