If you’ve been following along with me at all the past month, you probably know we are in the middle of our year-end fundraiser.

And I won’t lie; running a ministry focused on helping people with porn and sex addiction issues is not the most glamorous gig when it comes to asking for donations. And it’s especially uncomfortable when doing so during the holiday season.

The reality is we aren’t building wells, clothing and sheltering the homeless, or feeding hungry orphans.

Real talk? 

Most people look at us and think we are helping people not masturbate and look at porn… Not the most inspiring or endearing cause.

And I believe most people want to help those who need it. I think there is a generous spirit waiting to be released in every person. But skepticism sweeps in and makes us question our best intentions because we aren’t 100% sure of how our charitable dollars will be used. 

This is normal and completely understandable. 

So the tendency is to favor causes that engage in work that’s more tangibly evident.

Check out my update by clicking the video below to hear more about what we do, why it matters, and how your support makes that happen.

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The reality is what we do is so much more than what people see on the surface, because porn and unwanted sexual behavior are so much more destructive to people’s lives and relationships than we give them credit for.   Beyond that, these behaviors aren’t even the real problem – they are a symptom of deep emotional pain and shame created by trauma and rejection.Yea, we help people not look at porn and masturbate. I’ll give you that. 😉

But more importantly…

➡️ We help people find freedom from shame.

➡️ We help people rediscover their true identity and value.

➡️ We help restore broken marriages and relationships 

And that’s why this fundraiser is so important…

Because offering resources and the support communities that we’ve built and fostered costs a lot of money and, the truth is we aren’t even halfway to our goal, which we need to achieve to pull off all the big things we have planned for 2022.

I understand the skepticism.
I get the hesitancy.
I can identify with uncertainty.

But as a ministry, we invest in lives. 

We spend money on resources and support rather than buildings and large staff salaries. Because we want to make sure we are stewarding what we have in a way that honors God and those who believe in us and support us financially.

So if you want to support a charity that offers better optics, we may not be the best option. 

But if you care to support a ministry effort that is tirelessly working to restore lives and relationships, consider donating today to help with our year-end fundraising efforts.

Donate today!

By the way, check out the infographic below for more information on how we invest your dollars and how we compare to other religious organizations. You may be surprised.

2020 Impact