Sex and sexuality has become an obsession for us.  We can’t deny it because it’s far too easy to see – it defines so much of our culture.

Think of the last several movies you’ve seen.  Think of the shows that are popular on TV right now.  There is a theme of sex-craziness that permeates these things in a huge way, and our generation is one that has grown up hearing and learning from these culture-shaping influences.  It not only permeates our entertainment.  It permeates our lives.

The problem is that our culture has been far less familiarized with the side effects and life consequences that accompany a focus like this one.  These things are rarely talked about.  What a downer – who wants to think about consequences when we could be having fun and just living however we want?  So what do we do?

We justify.   We rationalize.  We try to make it ok.

We tell ourselves it’s not a big deal – people are just closed-minded and don’t understand.  We tell ourselves we’re not hurting anyone – people are just overreacting.

When the usual porn sites don’t do the trick anymore, we just look for more explicit videos and images to keep the feelings going.  And when this downward spiral of excessive porn use leads to porn-induced ED, there’s always a pill to take to fix that.  No worries.

And when the little blue pill that we’re used to seeing in all the commercials is inconvenient, has too many side effects, and takes too long to work, don’t worry – we’ll invent something better and faster.  In fact, the FDA has just approved a drug called “Avanafil” that supposedly takes less than half the time Viagra takes to begin working.  The article I read says that this will be great for those whose “sexual activity [is] more casual” in nature.  After all, it only takes 15 minutes to kick in!

How did we get here? 

Now, I realize there are those who legitimately need such drugs to offset a medical condition not brought on by porn use that prevents them from engaging in healthy and appropriate sexual activity.  But if I thought that these were the only people who were excited to hear about this new drug, I’d be incredibly naïve.

There’s a point at which one realizes that not everything can be fixed by a pill.  That point is called rock bottom.  It’s where we end up when we don’t take action to bring the downward spiral we’re caught in to an end sooner rather than later.  It’s where we end up when we let obsessions like this run our lives and run their course.

There’s a better way.  There’s hope and there’s an incredible freedom available for the taking.  Where can you find it?  Where can you get help?  Glad you asked, because you’re in a great place to start.  Check out these great resources that XXXchurch has to offer.

You won’t ever regret the journey to true freedom.  Praying for you today.