Next week at our Church we start a new series which has the aim to bring out some of the questions that we all have some times. Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying to prepare myself for some of the questions we might get asked just to reduce the amount of erms and ummms.

This is going to be a really interesting series, we’ve had some of the obvious questions submitted such like “Is it ok to have tattoos” or “Can a Christian watch Harry Potter movies” but we’ve not had a single challenging question concerning relationships, sex or porn and that’s completely mind blowing for me especially coming from a place where people are open about everything and would love the opportunity to ask many questions and that got me wondering why we’ve not received any.

Here in Colombia just like many other South American countries there is a very rich religious back ground and you will find multitudes of people wearing “masks” trying to show to everyone that they are the holiest person around when really they are just like everyone else. I’m sure this isn’t just the case in Colombia. I’m sure you’ll find lots of people wearing masks around the world.

Something I’ve noticed about us as humans is we really don’t like to ask for help as it might make us look weak or in some of the people it’ll make them look unholy. I think part of that comes down to not wanting to make ourselves vulnerable to people and ultimately to God because we have comfortable lives and we know that might change if we allow God into every aspect of our life’s.

From personal experience I’ve realized that the more you hold on to a problem the harder it is to deal with and it becomes an issue that will eat away at you. Some of you who are reading this will be able to agree with me when I say if you want freedom from some of the stuff that’s in your life that shouldn’t be there then you need to shed the light on it. There will be some of you who are wanting to but you don’t know how or your too scared to let someone into your life because you don’t want other people and God to see the dirt that your carrying but let me encourage you with this, The moment you take the stuff you’ve been doing behind closed doors and you bring it into the open, that thing that was holding you down and eating away at you will lose any power it had over your circumstances.

When I asked God to come into my life, I asked him to come into every area of my life and to deal with anything and everything that needed to be dealt with. I’ve met many people over the years who aren’t ready to let God be in every part one of the reasons is that when they get convicted about something in their life which is harmful they will have to deal with it and maybe their not ready for that.

Maybe you’re ready to deal with the stuff that is tying you down or maybe you’re not at that place right now. I want to encourage you to seek God and find out what he’s saying about you). It’s not easy being vulnerable to start with. There might be some very tricky and painful things that you need to do but once you’ve brought your stuff into the light, but remember that you are called righteous by your creator! You are his masterpiece and there’s nothing that you can do that will make him love you any less.