Each parent is given the role of raising their children and teaching them the things they need to know to some day live on their own. As parents we pray that we do things right and that we do not lead our children astray in any way that will harm them.

One of the most awkward and uncomfortable discussions or lessons to teach your child is about their sexuality. Dads tend to get all nervous about having the talk with their son and honestly a lot of them do not have the talk because of that feeling. But, if we do not have the talk with them how can we expect our children to one day enjoy the gift that God has given each married man and women? How can we just assume that they will get it one day? If we do not step into that conversation with them and show them what is right, someone else will and all to often that is pornography.

With that being said I have two questions for you. One, what did you dad teach you about sexuality? Two, what do you wish he had taught you about sexuality?

Lets have this conversation here and open up the floor on this topic.