News item?  I don’t think any man who is looking to overcome the porn addiction would say that this is news to them that porn has caused them to struggle sexually.  And, it isn’t too surprising that you don’t read about that in the news.  What do we read?  Man Faces 80 Counts for Child Porn —- Man Faces 43 Counts Involving Child Porn —— Former Police Officer Arrested for Rape of 14 Year Old.  Yeah, that makes the news.  I doubt any of those guys, or any of you, as kids, dreamed that you would be arrested for criminal sexual behavior and have your life ripped away from you.  But porn causing sexual disfunction and dissatisfaction?  No one is going to report that except those radical right wing religious fanatics who are sticking their bigoted noses in everyone else’s sex life and who wants to read that stuff.  Yes, I read the responses to these blogs and I know how some of you think.

I talk with single guys all the time who are just like I was, caught in the fantasy world of porn, loathing the women they know because they don’t match the ones they are looking at on-line, loathing themselves for being trapped in porn, longing for a real relationship but scared to death of one.

Then by some miracle some woman comes along and you are in the relationship and you can’t make her happy, at least she isn’t like those women on line.  Must be something wrong with her…(or me?).  Early ejaculation, impotence, disease from too many throw away encounters….these leave sex an increasingly unfulfilling experience.  So we think that what we need is more of the same, raunchier, more risky, more partners, a different partner???

Okay, so I Googled Porn and Sexual Dysfunction.  Any guesses how many hits before I tell you?  682,000. Pretty impressive.  So yes, people are talking about the growing problem.  Intelligent people are talking about it.  Do what I did,  Google it and do some serious work listening, reading, and learning about what is happening to you and to our world.  Try this one link to get started.

Now, I have to tell you the truth.  We are designed to work in a certain way.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again, we are created to be in relationship with our Creator and with each other in the way He created us to be.  When we go outside of the Design, it does not work, life does not work.