Before I moved out to Colombia I finished a distance learning course in youth work and informal education. The bulk of the work was based on reflective learning, so I would do a session with some young people and I would then walk away and reflect on what happened. I have to say I felt like I really thrived when it came to reflective learning mainly because I’m an over thinker which is great when it comes to writing assignments. Being honest I’ve not really had some of these really big reflective thinking moments for a while but last night at just after midnight my mind decided it wanted to think about a lot.

Once I switched off the TV, put away my iPad , I laid in my bed listening to the rain and just like the storm I had a lot of things rushing to my mind and It finally hit me last night that I’m getting married in nearly 4 months and we really don’t have the income or the savings to be able to setup a life for ourselves when we plan to move back to the UK at the end of next year. Once that hit me I kept thinking of stuff that we will need to buy or scrounge from people and then I would get more depressed at how we won’t be able to get what we need, but after about an hour of having all this run through my head I came to a place of peace and became really excited at the same time. I became excited at the fact that I’m going to be with my beautiful girlfriend for the rest of my life and that when it hit me….

Love will always outweigh the natural.

I started to think about what that meant for me and I came to the understanding that yes while it doesn’t look like we won’t have everything we need in the natural, in actual fact we have what I need: LOVE. My partner knows what I need when I’m having a bad day or knows how to treat me and I think it’s just like God. Some of you reading this will have your own problems, maybe it’s money issues, maybe its addictions or maybe it’s just feeling alone. Maybe now is the time to believe that Love will always outweigh the natural.

In fact I spoke to someone this very morning about their addiction to pornography and the natural (body) said they needed their fix of pornography but I shared with him he is loved and he felt that need for his drug to disappear. Some of you reading this will be thinking that’s great but how can someone stop the desire to do something just by being told he’s loved. My Answer to you would be Jesus.

Jesus is Love.

Many people have asked me over and over again, “what does Jesus mean to you” and my answer is very simple; “love”. If we look at everything Jesus did while he was here on the earth, right at the core of it all is Love and then we see the ultimate act of love at the end of his time here on earth. THE CROSS. He took all our guilt, shame, pain, sickness and distress so we don’t have to carry it. I think it’s about time we see a Church who’s walking in their blood given gift.

So when I say Love will always outweigh the natural really I should say Jesus will always outweigh the natural. If you are addicted to drugs, porn, eating, gambling or whatever your struggling with, Jesus is far greater than your issue. Give it over to him and walk free in the love of Jesus.