This month we are talking about ways we can help others in their recovery efforts. In other words, how do we help people who need freedom and healing when it comes to their sexual behaviors and destructive life choices?

The reality is this… the number of men and women impacted by porn and sex addiction is staggering. We aren’t talking about some small minority but a large percent of our population.

Yet, the number of people seeking help and working through some sort of recovery process is very small in comparison.


Are they just lazy?
Are they immature?
Are they apathetic and couldn’t care less?

Maybe in some cases 🤷‍♂️

But over the past 10 years of working in this area of ministry, I have become convinced that the main reason so many men and women remain stuck in their sexual dysfunction is that the perceived bar to entry for real assistance seems far too high for the average individual. 

And so many, feeling they can’t afford the “cost” of help, remain stuck in their isolation and wounded state.

Understand that “cost” doesn’t just mean money. It could also be the cost of relationships, the cost of embarrassment, or even the cost of a job.

Regardless, when you survey the current landscape of “recovery” options available, most of them require money (sometimes a lot) or extreme vulnerability. And when you’re used to constant failure and embarrassment, throwing more money at the same old problem or self-identifying are both costs that for many seem unmanageable. 

I know because I was that guy for many years…


Here’s a porn recovery coaching program, it only costs $1,000 a month.

Great, let me go broke and waste more money on something else that won’t work.

Here’s some accountability software. You only need to tell someone about your “addiction.”

Right?!?! If it was that easy, I wouldn’t have this problem.

Here’s a “recovery” group, you only need to show up at church every [insert day and time].

Lovely, so everyone who sees me knows I’m part of the “porn” group and shuns me.

You get the idea.

This is why a core value of XXXchurch and Live Free is our extreme commitment to providing safe communities and affordable resources for those who need help the most.

And right now, we believe that commitment is more important than ever. 

Starting this week, we are launching our second annual fundraising campaign. As many of you know, Live Free Ministries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that relies on donations to serve those who come to us for help. Many don’t realize our operating budget is over $20k a month. 

And while a small portion of that is offset by the subscription fees for our Live Free Community App and Small Groups Online program, this year, we’re reducing the cost of our online small groups program by 25% to help make it more affordable during the current economic crisis.

This is not a marketing tactic. We are doing this both for our current members and any new members. This is just a small way we can help remove barriers to real help.

Watch this video to learn more about what we’ve been doing and how your support is making a difference in the lives of 1,000’s.


Realize, while we did not hit our goal during last year’s campaign, we still raised $15,000, which helped us launch our free Live Free Wives Community and enabled us to acquire, allowing us to help even more people.

There are several ways to partner with us in our efforts. 

Read our emails, share our social posts, and by all means, please support us through a financial contribution of any amount. Because if you do, we can keep providing help for those who need it while keeping the bar to entry very, very low.

Click HERE to Donate Today.