Have you turned on the news lately?

Who was fired yesterday?

So far, a short list in the line-up of those accused of exemplifying inappropriate sexual behavior and harassment are:

   • NBC anchor Matt Lauer

   • CBS & PBS host Charlie Rose

   • NBC booking VP Matt Zimmerman

   • NPR News Chief Michael Oreskes

   • Amazon executive Roy Price

   • Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein

Two things stand out to me besides the craziness of men in high power positions trying to use that power to force sex on people. It’s ridiculous, but what blows my mind is how stupid men are! I wrote a book with Harvard-trained research expert Shaunti Feldhahn on the man’s brain and how its wiring is different from women.

[ctt title=”What blows my mind is how stupid men are!” tweet=”‘What blows my mind is how stupid men are!’ – https://ctt.ec/4fLdo+ (by @X3church @craiggross)” coverup=”4fLdo”]

Apparently many men still don’t understand these basic things:

  1. Women don’t want to see your penis or a dick pic… EVER.
  2. Exposing yourself to a woman is offensive, but it’s also just plain stupid.

In addition to lack of integrity, it shows men don’t know anything about women. Woman don’t want to see it. I can walk out of the shower naked, and my wife won’t look up from what she is doing. You want to turn on a woman?

Compliment her.
Do something for her.
Spend time with her.

Sending her dick pics or dropping your drawers in front of her? Come on, guys! If grown men haven’t figured this out yet, that women don’t care about their penis, then that’s part of the problem.

Yes, I’m mad about these stories, but what makes me more upset is that 40-year-old men don’t understand the basic principles I’ve taught my 14-year-old son. 

Watch this, then maybe you’ll “Get It.”