Not too far back, a friend of mine forwarded a message that their pastor had preached about porn.

They suggested I reach out to him and connect regarding our ministry since the timing seemed right.

Sounded logical enough.

So I listened to the message and I sent the guy an email and a LinkedIn message introducing myself and our ministry…twice.

I never heard back. Maybe it’s just me? 🤷🏻

Regardless, before I say anything else, let me just state that it’s very commendable that he addressed such a touchy issue so directly AND from the pulpit on a Sunday morning.

That happens a lot less than you might think.


I gotta say, the sermon was kinda predictable and the type I’ve heard multiple times. The basic outline goes something like this:

1. Porn is bad.
2. It’s a serious problem.
3 It’s ruining marriages in this church.
4. If you look at it you have a serious problem.
5. Get some help.
6. Let’s pray.


No suggestions?
No direction?
No offer of assistance?



Here’s the problem.
You have a problem.
Go fix the problem.
That’s all I got.

And we wonder why so many people stay stuck and clueless when it comes to getting the help they need?!

Which brings me to the point of this post.

When you know there is a problem, and you know there are solutions, but you don’t do anything to help the situation,

At some point, you become part of the problem.

But let me say this too…

If you struggle with porn and you refuse to do anything about it… then your passivity or apathy is the problem, not the porn.

Hey, I get it. This stuff is tough.

And when we have leaders pointing us in obscure directions for assistance it doesn’t help.

But you can’t blame them. It’s on you to do something about it.

I love this ministry and I care deeply about the people we are trying to help.

I know that if you are stuck in a “porn-addictive” lifestyle or married to someone who is, there is so much more for you.

Shame doesn’t need to be your daily companion.
Regret doesn’t have to be your life’s summation.
Pain doesn’t have to be a normal part of your existence.

You can do better.
You can be better.

But it’s up to you.

Don’t wait for someone to point you in the right direction or hold your hand in the process because that day may never come.

If you need a safe and easy place to start try the Live Free Community App, or if you are a spouse… check out the Live Free Wives Community.

We are here for you.