Hurry please! Someone call PETA because today millions upon millions of animals will be viciously assaulted. A recent report shows that the animal assaults are up, especially when it comes to dolphin flogging, monkey spanking and chicken choking. An intelligence report shows that these crimes are being committed by one handed terrorists. The shocking part is they believe 95% of the worlds population is part of this one handed terror cell. got me don’t call PETA. The other day I heard someone make the comment about spanking the monkey and I told him I was calling PETA. Of course I knew what they were referring to. Masturbation. There I said it! Masturbation,masturbation,masturbation. Why does the church hide from this subject?Why is it such a “touchy” subject? (pun intended) I get frequent questions from youth about masturbation being a sin.The church talks about adultery, fornication and marriage why not masturbation?

Today we talk about masturbation.Is masturbation a sin? There is no where in the bible that says don’t masturbate. What we need to do is break the situation down. We have to get in the scripture and find the principles related to sexual issues and apply them to masturbation.

God created sex.He created it for procreative purposes,intimacy purposed for husband and wife. God designed sex and we were created with sexual urges.His desire for us is to use them in the way they were created to be used.Lets go back to childhood for a minute. Remember the  seesaw? The seesaw is designed for 2 people on one each end working together. Have you ever attempted to seesaw by yourself? It just don’t work. It may be fun for a minute or two but after that you realize that  I need someone else if I am going to make this work. In layman’s terms you can’t play with yourself.  God knows that sex is powerful in creating intimacy and there had to be some constraints on how it was to be used. He said to save sex for marriage. Sex is a good thing! The only way to keep it a “good thing” is to follow God’s guidelines.

People say that masturbation it a relief of sexual pressure.It will only relieve those desires for a short period of time. As time goes on you are creating a deeper desire for sex which will lead to more masturbation. You will be enslaved to a sexual high. As a result I can guarantee you will be using other things than your hand to get the job done. Why do you think there is such a huge market for self stimulating devices.In John 8:34 Jesus declares that all who sin become a slave to sin. Once again is masturbation a sin? What are you thinking about when you are masturbating. I doubt very seriously your mind is blank. The bible teaches us that we are not to look lustfully at each other. Job said “I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a girl. Then Jesus really breaks it down for us in Matthew saying “You have heard that it was said,Do not commit adultery.But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart”

Sexual immorality begins with a thought.These thoughts can come from anywhere. You don’t have to be looking at porn for these thoughts to come on all you need to do is walk through the mall  and pass the window at Victoria Secrets,stand in line at the grocery store looking at the magazine covers,and you have to admit to these next two even National Geographic and the bra and pantie section of JC Penny catalog. We were kids once. You know what I am talking about. If we don’t deal with our thoughts our thoughts will take up resident in our heart. 1 Cor. 6:18 says, “Flee immorality. Every other sin that a man commits is outside the body, but the immoral man sins against his own body.The Greek word for “immorality” is porneia which means illicit sexual intercourse.The English word “pornography” is derived from this Greek word. (I stole that one, I am not that smart)

God never demands the impossible from us. We are so weak within ourselves that it may seem impossible, but He will equip us with His holy power to overcome any sin, if we ask in faith. In our weakness we tend to say that God tempted me. God does not temp us the book of James says “Don’t let anyone under pressure that gives into evil say, “God is trying to trip me up.” God is impervious to evil, and puts evil in no one’s way. The temptation to give in to evil comes from us and only us. We have no one to blame but the leering, seducing flare-up of our own lust. Lust gets pregnant, and has a baby: sin! Sin grows up to adulthood, and becomes a real killer.” (Message) There is also good news for you when you are tempted the bibles says “but when you are tempted,he will also provide a way out so that you can stand under it.”

With all that said is masturbation a sin? The bible does not say but, it does say the things that go along with masturbation are sin. The goal of the Christian life is to be pure in your thoughts and actions. Masturbation under certain circumstances may not be sinful, but the desire to remain sexually pure and holy should move you to avoid it. Giving into masturbation can have some serious spiritual consequences and mastering your body and mind can bring spiritual benefits.1 Thessalonians 4 “Learn to appreciate and give dignity to your body, not abusing it, as is so common among those who know nothing of God.” Don’t give up. Self-control takes time and effort. You may slip from time to time but remember Jesus loves you and he will be faithful to you. You will win! Just as salvation is received by faith so is deliverance. He is faithful in what he has promised.

Steve Oh