We are entering what, for many people, is a very difficult time of the year. Summer is long gone, winter is approaching, things are getting a bit more hectic, and Christmas is looming on the distant horizon. It’s not a fun and exciting season like spring and summer, full of sports, vacations, lazy days, and the like.

For a lot of us, this is the part of the year when we spend more time inside… and more time on the computer, perhaps. Which means more struggles with the issues we are dealing with regarding porn and its effect on us, which, coupled with the change in the weather for most of us, can really lead to some deep depression.

We can get bored easily these day, and that’s when some of these struggles rear their ugly heads. Then we start the cycle of getting depressed because we are still fighting to make good decisions regarding avoiding porn. Which leads us to perhaps feeling less “likeable” and less desiring of being around other people. Which then leads us to desiring that euphoric feeling of excitement and exhilaration porn brings us because we are tired of feeling down. Which leads to more depression, which leads to more struggles, which leads to…

You get the picture.

The best thing we can do at all times–but especially at times like these–is make sure we spend time with people who can encourage and support us. Even if you don’t have a lot of friends you can talk with, you can at least join one of our online support groups to have real live conversation to encourage and edify you.

X3watch is also a great tool to help during these times–and at all other times, too. Isolation is your worst enemy. I know we can get great encouragement from praying and reading the Bible, but we also need fellowship: people to make us think about things other than ourselves and our depression or frustrations.

You need more than just you. So reach out. Get a bunch of guys together and hang out, watch a game, go to a movie, try to belch the alphabet, whatever. Something to help you not sit alone and think about how things are not the way you would like them.

God is always by our side, but He even tells us sometimes we need some one to actually physically “scratch where it itches,” if you catch my drift. We need companionship of a positive encouraging kind.