xxxchurch-my-pilgrimage-is-here-1I’m not going to keep you today – just a quick and excited: It’s here!

My Pilgrimage is available right now!

Go check out here!

There are a limited number of My Pilgrimage experiences available…

We’d love to open this up forever but the truth is we just can’t. We have a limited number of resources to make sure everyone gets the best small group experience possible, so we can only keep this open for a brief window of time.

Don’t let someone else take your spot!

Register today to get everything this experience includes:

  • The My Pilgrimage book and guidebook.
  • 12 My Pilgrimage Small Group Online sessions.
  • $1,000 worth of bonus material, completely free.

And – TODAY ONLY – When you join My Pilgrimage, we’ll give you Recover: Helping Women Recover From Sexual Betrayal … FREE.

When Recover comes out next year, it’ll be the same cost as My Pilgrimage is now, so don’t miss out on your chance to get it a year early and completely free.

We’re here via live, online chat all day, waiting and willing to answer any questions you might have.

Start your My Pilgrimage experience today!

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