Last March, in the midst of a pandemic where many people were isolated, Live Free Ministries had the opportunity to acquire XXXchurch. Without a doubt, it was God’s provision for many people spinning out of control with online addictions, and those who were just beginning down a path of addictive patterns.  

Taking XXXchurch under our nonprofit made sense. 

Live Free had already successfully produced resources and implemented programs to help those struggling with sexual brokenness and addictions and XXXchurch seemed to be the “emergency room” website for those in the depths of their unwanted sexual behavior desperate for help and answers.  

In eight months’ time, we’ve been able to help over 1,100 men and women find healing through community and resources. It’s not about the numbers to us, but about helping men and women heal. In doing so, families are restored or saved from going through mass destruction due to addiction.

This is what *Jim has to say about his experience here:

“I’m honestly in tears now just thinking of how far God has brought me since I’ve joined Live Free. I joined as an empty man: desperate, lost, alone, hurting, broken, depressed, and deep in sin. Today I don’t just see hope. I feel it. I’m living it. And the simple fact of the matter is that day 1 for me was the day I signed up for Live Free.”

While we’ve seen the acquisition as an incredible opportunity for our ministry to reach more hurting people, it has taken twice the financial investment to pull it off. This is why we need you to partner with us today.  We want to help more men and women like Jim!

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