When I was approached about writing a blog on manhood I started brain storming about what  real man was. Instantly figures like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Wyatt Earp and Chuck Norris came to mind. After writing a rough draft I realized I missed the mark. I missed the most manly guy I know and that was my father. He is the one of the few people in my life who shadow the image of Jesus. Is he perfect not by a long shot but he has taught me to be the man I am today. I want to share with you his manly charicterist5ics.

1. He Puts God First – This is by far the most important point. Since true masculinity is defined as whom God wants us to be, the only way to become that man is to put God first in life. The world would never consider this part of true manhood, but, in fact, it far outweighs all other characteristics! It should be the one that is worked on the most.

2. Family Is Second- How can you take care of your family if you don’t put God first.? You can’t. Dad has always taught us the importance of family. I am 38 years old and when I had to go into surgery for a fractured arm a few months ago he was there. He is always the first person to call or show up when problems arise and pray with you. I hear a lot of people say my dad never hugged me or told me he loves me. I cant imagine. I don’t think there was a day growing up that my dad didn’t say I LOVE YOU to me, my sister and my mom. To this day when I leave his house those are the last words I hear him say.

3. He Loves People- Dad has a pastors heart. Dad was in the ministry for years and there was never a time that I can think of that when someone called needing him he went. I recall numerous times being woke up in the middle of the night going to stay with a neighbor while dad and mom went to help a church member who was in a crisis. I have seen him drive church members home from a restaurant when they were intoxicated, spend time by an elderly woman’s bedside as she died, cry as he conducted the funeral of church members and friends. I could go on and on. My father was a true shepard to his flock. To this day he is always going to a funeral, checking on a sick friend, or just stopping by to say hello.

4. Man Of Faith- As the verse goes having the faith of a mustard seed……we dad has the faith of a Mac truck. I have never seen someone with as much trust and faith in God in times where tough as dad. This is at a time in my life where our family was in turmoil. I turned away from God and my dad kept on smiling and saying “God will take care of us”. He did, I don’t know how but there was always food on the table and a roof over our heads.

My dad lead his family not with a iron fist but he lead us and continues to lead us by example. My dad cant fix a car, build a house or skin a buck. But he is more of what a real man should be kind, strong, loving, patient, faithful, dedicated, a man of intergrity, God fearing, and most of all humble. There is more to being a man than just sports, do it yourself projects, cars and motorcycles.

Here is a short recap… 

A Real Man is emotionally balanced. He should be able to laugh and cry and not give a rip what other people think of him. A Real Man desires to please his spouse and children before himself out of love and not guilt or a “sense of power.”

 A Real Man is responsible for his actions!

 A Real Man knows when to help someone who needs help but doesn’t ask for it!

A Real Man holds high ethical  standards without compromise!

Take a few minutes and evaluate yourself (I did when writing this) see if there are some things in your life that you may need to change so you can be more like Jesus.