For the last 10 years I have been working for the prison system. One of the first things they teach you is about positional asphyxiation. Positional asphyxia occurs when someone’s position prevents them from breathing adequately. A small but significant number of people die suddenly and without apparent reason during restraint by police, prison (corrections) officers and health care staff.  I know you are asking yourself what does positional asphyxia have to do with porn? My answer is simple, nothing!

Porn addicts can engage their Internet porn problem by viewing online still photos, by downloading porn films or with the use of webcam sex. Some use the Internet to simply view images while others eventually end up using the Internet as a vehicle to meet with anonymous sexual partners or for one night stands. By using a webcam porn addicts can engage in real-time sexual activity with anyone willing to provide it to them – some of these situations are paid – as in online prostitution, while others are engaged with whomever shows up. Porn addicts tend to replace important relationships and commitments with Internet sex or other forms of porn. Pornography addicts tend to isolate themselves when engaging in their acting out. Addicts can typically spend many hours or even days lost in online images and experiences.

Here is where the positional asphyxia comes into play. We spend so much time surfing the web for new things to get us off.  We look forward to the times we can be alone in an attempt to fulfill the next fantasy. While we are doing all this searching our family and marriage is suffocating. Our position in the family has gone from one of nurturing father and loving husband to that of a secluded stranger who makes appearances from time to time. Eventually the family is dead. The choices we make to look at porn wear the family down to its last breath. By the time it reaches that point it is too late. We have lost everything.

In short porn kills.