Question: Does pornography’s connection with sex trafficking deter you from watching?

With the positive of hosting the Super Bowl comes the negative.

Living within an hour of Indianapolis for the Super Bowl, we got to experience and hear about some cool things happening in Indy, along with some negative.

While many amazing things were taking place in the city, there was an underground story that started to receive national attention, the sex trafficking in the Super Bowl city.

Weeks before the Super Bowl, information started to go out about people trying to contact agencies for sex during the Super Bowl.

The city was on watch before and after the Super Bowl and even an amazing thing happened during the Super Bowl, some people were saved from this lifestyle…

Indy Star Article Click Here

Anytime I think about sex trafficking it makes me think of this video…

Whether we like to admit it or not sex trafficking takes place all over the world and maybe in your backyard.

Check this out…

This is just the cases that get reported to this site. Imagine the ones that don’t.

After looking at this information I wanted to pose some questions for all readers…

Knowing that sex trafficking is going on and watching a story like Constance above, porn can be connected (or can lead to this act), does it keep you from watching porn? Why or why not?

Do you think porn leads to sex trafficking?

What do you think is the role of porn in sex trafficking?