Love it or hate it we all have a Religion. We have something that we are devoted to and believe through the pursuit we will find some measure of happiness and purpose. For some its “organized religion” for others simply “organized thoughts”. No matter how you define it, you have one.

For many of us it’s simply, sex. Sex is what we seek with our extra time and energy, its what we pursue with our devotion. Then one day, in fact often day over day we wake up and ask why?, why is sex what I build my pursuit and devotion around?

Malcolm Muggeridge, famed English journalist,  during the early 1900s once said, Sex is the only possible religion in a materialistic society.

This thought is so powerful and at first glance it can even impart a bit of fear, after all we do live in a materialistic society, don’t we? If this is true and what makes up or society is materialism then are we confined toward the devotion of sex?

It is true that we live in a materialistic – acquire more – society. However, we also live in a society that has already been acquired.  The Bible tells us that while we live in a world of self and selfishness we also live in a world that has been touched by complete selflessness. That while we were far from God acquiring our “materialistic” passions and possessions God himself was busy as well. The Bible says In 1 Peter 2:9 – 9 But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession. The word special translates to mean, “Acquired”.

While we do live in a world of materialism, its not our only example or option. You are loved, chosen and even acquired by God. As we allow this truth to sink in and define our identity we will find that the desire to acquire things, sex and loss-leading passions will go away.

God says you are a special possession. I feel it and believe it, do you?

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