Great in bed thanks to watching other people have sex

Said no one ever. Usually this line happens afterwards a quote or a point made by a person, rather then saying it was a lie, you say, “said no one ever.” This can happen in all forms of conversations…

I can run 10 miles immediately after eating at a Chinese buffet…said no one ever. Or…

I look my best when I wake up in the morning and not look at a mirror…said no one ever.

There was a lie I used to believe, “I learned how to plese my wife by watching porn.” Soon afterward, I realized there was a said no one ever. There is a quote by Roberston Davies saying…

“Pornography is rather like trying to find out about a Beethoven symphony by having someone tell you about it and perhaps hum a few bars.”

Watching sex does not make you better at sex. I thought I could learn from what I watch and apply it to my relationship. I was wrong. I was inexperienced and thought if I saw what worked on the screen then sex would be better for me and I would be better in bed. It wasn’t true. It didn’t make me better, learning from my mistakes and shortcomings helped my relationship. Porn affected my relationship.

Porn showed me sex, but not sex that my wife enjoyed. I thought of different things I saw on screen that made the people look happy, different positions that weren’t comfortable for either of us. Performing and doing different things we saw on screen didn’t work for us and honestly hurt at times.

I wish I would have know this quote earlier. Porn in not actual sex, it’s a show. You can’t expect to watch true TV by watching reality TV just like you can’t expect porn to be real sex. In order to improve you have to have good communication between a spouse and yourself.

Proverbs 12:1 states, “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid.” Limited amounts of people reach the sex pinnacle the first time they have sex, and porn can’t help with that. This verse from Proverbs goes into discipline, sex is a discipline. You can’t get better by watching it; you can get better by communication with your partner and ability to realize you’re not perfect and can improve.

Porn will not make you better in bed, thank you Davies for giving us a funny quote with a great point. Sex is more and better in real life and the video is only the touch of the iceberg of the amazing gift of sex that God have given us. How will you improve when it comes to sex? What are you willing to do to improve?