Sex is Hardly Ever Just About Sex- Shirley McClaine

This issue is as open ended, as “How long is a piece of string?” The answer depends on which of a billion pieces of string you are talking about.

Sex is about a billion different things, and in my opinion never just about sex. Knowing who Shirley McClaine is and her spiritual beliefs would lead me to believe that she may think sex is about what the tree whispered to you to do with the imaginary elf that was trapped by the metaphysical storm in the heavens. Never the less, the statement above is definitely accurate.

Sex as God designed it is about much more than the act of hormonal desire for satisfaction and relief. It is the representation of unification in an act of deep love and passion for a man and a woman exercising and acting out the love for each other. In today’s world where we are much more encamped in a mind set of self satisfaction and sexual stimulation it sometimes is a release of built up stimulation and thoughts that have led us there. I would say that the idea of sexual stimulation and excitement are absolutely part of God’s design and intent for sex. Why else would it feel so good?

But without following the rules God set out for sex, it becomes much less than it was designed for. Resulting in a wide range of not so positive emotions, thoughts, and consequences. Sex is about affirmation of love, expression of desire, confirmation of commitment, reinforcement of relationship, and much much more. When we are struggling with things like sexual addictions and perversions it has taken sex and made it much more about things that bring at best temporary satisfaction and release. While at worst, broken trust, feelings of rejection, self-hatred, fear, and lack of belief that anyone could really love me the way I need. Sex is about much more than the steamy, imaginary, lustful build up and release.

I think the expression “making love” is a pretty good description as God designed it. Sex as God designs it generates a positive God centered love between two people. It encourages the relationship and through the intimacy of the two people deeper caring and desire. None of us has this thing completely figured out. But as with everything on this journey of life, God is teaching us and helping us grow and get better at everything we do. When we recognize that sex is not just about sex, we should have an increased understanding of our need to engage in it correctly and how that will eventually make sex much more enjoyable and fulfilling.