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Moments after Tony Gwynn’s passing in 2014, Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux went on Twitter and called Gwynn “the best pure hitter I have ever faced.” Along with “Mr. Padre’s” eight batting titles, 3,141 hits and .338 career batting average, Gwynn was known as being pure magic when he stepped up to the plate.

What Tony did better than everyone else was this: he hit the ball. It was really that simple.

He hit the ball.

Everything about Tony Gwynn’s hitting was based off of basic, fundamental baseball. The way he hit the ball was the same way they taught you how to hit in T-Ball. It was what they taught you in high school, college, minors, and in the majors.

Fundamentals win the game 10/10 times. If you can do them better than everyone else, then you will ultimately come out on top. That’s why we want you to understand, that in order to be successful in escaping your addiction, you need to keep things simple and focus on the fundamentals.

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Let me explain this for you.

We talk about triggers and remedy actions on a regular basis.

In its simplest terms, triggers are actions, environments, scenarios, that cause you to want to give into your addiction, while remedy actions are steps you can take to help overcome these. As we discuss these triggers and remedy actions with our groups and members, it’s easy for them to want to take a hundred different steps to combat their triggers.

The hard part to understand is that you only need one.

The more you try to accomplish, the less you actually will. So when we say “Recovery means keeping it simple,” we really mean it.

Keep it to the fundamentals, and try to overcome one trigger, with one remedy action, at a time. Same thing for your encouragement or accountability system. While it may seem like a smart move to have multiple voices in the room, the honest, simple, and fundamental answer is to be counter-intuitive and have fewer voices in your ear. That’s why the simple approach would have you seek out one accountability partner and one person you can always look to for encouragement.


Did you catch that? Doable.

If you can keep things simple and fundamental, then you are more likely to set yourself up for success and allow your recovery process to be doable.

While the majority of batters stepped up to the plate against Maddux and got out, Tony Gwynn made it a habit to get on base. Why? Because he kept his swing simple, and stuck to basic baseball fundamentals.

Want to accomplish your goal of overcoming porn addiction? Take a weight off your shoulders and keep things simple. If you can, then it’s doable. And if it’s doable, then you can win.

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