I do NOT enjoy putting gas in my car.

With the price of gasoline what it is nowadays, I’m sure there are many out there who share that sentiment.

So due to my distaste for the fill-up, I often put off stopping at the gas station until the last possible moment.  Oh, I justify it at the time (“I’ll fill up in just a few more miles”) – but I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t gotten me into some trouble every once and a while. 

In fact, at this point, I’m just a little too familiar with that awful pit-of-the-stomach feeling when you are in the middle of nowhere and your ‘Low Fuel’ light comes on.

At that moment, I always kick myself, and wonder why I don’t just fill up sooner and avoid the risk of running out of gas.  It’s seriously not worth it!  Unfortunately, at that moment, it’s also a little too late.

What kind of risks are you running right now?  Has your addiction to porn and other sexual stimulation pushed you to engage in some risky behaviors?

The list of risks involved with things like porn addiction is a long one:  from loss of relationships, family, and career, to emotional and physical health risks.

It’s well understood how addictions like porn addiction, by nature, lend themselves to escalation.  As the mind and the body get used to certain stimulation, you have to do more and go farther than before to achieve the same level of stimulation.

This kind of escalation, when left unchecked, has led a great number of people into some highly risky stuff that they ordinarily would never have considered.

So where do you draw the line?  When you’re in the middle of nowhere, and the proverbial ‘Low Fuel’ light comes on, and your life comes to a screeching halt?  Why run that risk?  Wouldn’t it be far better to just avoid it altogether?