We live in a culture that is so extremely saturated with sex. Everywhere you look. It doesn’t have to be the actual act. Plenty of triggers are everywhere that can lead men (and women) to think immoral, lustful thoughts

Plus we have all the scandals in the news. Politicians getting caught, denying it, and then admitting to it. Hollywood is no better. The people that everyone loves to watch in the theater or on TV, many of these are people who live for the moment. They live for the instant pleasure. In a TV series, I’m guessing what was supposed to be a romantic comedy, the couple was in bed with each other by the third or fourth date, long before any talk of marriage.

Our role models in the media, for the most part, are not good ones. We need more people like Moses who chose “rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season,” Hebrews 11:25. 

This degraded and poor excuse for sexuality is part of the devil’s plan to counterfeit God’s plan for human sexuality. Anytime God gives, or is going to give, humanity something, the devil comes with a counterfeit. God’s plan for sexuality is one man with one woman. Their sexual behavior is to be between the two of them only, and in private. That’s not to say they can’t kiss in public. Sex is God’s invention. It was designed for the confines of marriage. And marriage, as well as the Sabbath, was founded by God in the Garden of Eden.

 Sex as displayed in the media is nothing but a counterfeit. If you want to know God’s view on sex, there is plenty of information in the Bible. Song of Solomon, for example, as well as Proverbs have plenty to say on it.