Sex is awesome.

God created it to be that way.  But we’ve cheapened it.

We’ve cheapened it largely by wanting it only on our terms.

We want the pleasure without the “other” – namely, the relationship, the commitment, and the responsibility.

We’ve taken one of the greatest gifts God has given mankind, and we’ve marred its significance with our own selfishness.  Like a child who loves birthday parties so much that he wishes every day were his birthday – not realizing that, if that were the case, it would destroy the very significance that makes a birthday what it is.

We’ve reduced sex to simply what feels good physically – because if it’s nothing more than that, then it’s ok to do whatever we want with it.  Right?

Well we missed the boat big-time on that one, because real sex is so much more than just a physical act.

The Bible is very clear, from the beginning, that sex plays a monumental role in the relationship between man and woman:  “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh” (Gen 2:24).

Yes, sex is physical.  Yes, sex feels good.  But sex is also about unity and is deeply connected with the emotional, psychological, and yes, even spiritual aspects of a person.

We can try to push those other things out of the picture, but it’s just not possible because it’s built in to what real sex is at its core.  This is why sex, when misused, causes so much pain and devastation in people’s lives.

But sex used in the right way is a beautiful act created by God that works to unite one man and one woman together so closely that they can be considered one person or flesh. What an absolutely incredible gift from God!

Such a gift is not meant to be cheapened or counterfeited by porn or any kind of casual sexual encounter.  It’s a gift meant to be cherished, protected, and preserved.

Real sex is awesome, and it’s definitely worth pursuing.