I started my weekend Friday with a high school football game. To me there is nothing better than a cold night, the smell of popcorn and hot dogs, the sound of the bands percussion section hammering out a grooving beat, and catching up with old friends over a cup of coffee, and my favorite the sounds of  pads banging against each other as the offense and defense try to gain the win.

This particular night while I was watching the game I noticed this young man standing on the sidelines (we will call him #11) He was all decked out in his blue and red uniform all neatly pressed. He was holding what appeared to be a brand new shiny helmet. He was ready to play! Around the second quarter I noticed this guy not paying any attention to the game. He was standing there with his back to the field watching the crowd.  He would turn around occasionally to see what his team was doing but was focused more on something or someone in the crowd.

During halftime we all watched as the homecoming court took their places on the field. I looked over at the end zone where the home team was huddled up going over the game plan for the second half. Number 8 was not paying any attention to his coaches and teammates. He was focused across the field at the homecoming court. One of the coaches noticed he wasn’t paying attention and pulled him in with the rest of the team. Soon after the homecoming king and queen were announced the teams took the field. For about the first five minutes of the third quarter Number 11 was focused on his team and the game. It wasn’t long before he was back at it! Walking the sidelines staring into the crowd as if he had no interest in the team or the outcome of the game.  

I cant tell you how many men I have talked to who have their focus on porn much like Number 11s focus on the crowd. These are men who turned their backs on family, friends, work and even Christ. All this for a cheap thrill that gets you absolutely nowhere. Porn is a huge distraction and attraction for many men. We need to stay focused on the goal and accountable to someone. We have to remember that  nothing productive comes from pornography. Just like Number 11 who was walking the sidelines aimlessly as his team works to win. Your family is a team who needs your guidance and support. If porn is your priority your family loses. What direction are you facing? Are you facing the game, learning from the coaches and applying what they say to your game? Or are you facing the crowd searching for that next thrill ?

Take time today to evaluate your situation. If you are struggling with porn there are areas on this site where you can find help and assistance for the road to recovery. Remember always put Christ first, for he is the great physician and healer. Until next week…

Steve Oh

Love Jesus/Love People