Sitting at the stoplight on the corner just down the street from my office, sits a little coffee shop: Bottoms Up Espresso. We have two of these joints in our city. I’ve heard their coffee is pretty good, but that is not what they are known for. They are known for their baristas; baristas who wear nothing but bikinis. Every day as I drive home from the office, I can’t help but to notice their presence as cars slowly go by, sometimes almost creating accidents.

It is our understanding that the things which we receive with our mind have an immediate influence in the way in which we think and process information. The Apostle Paul understood this and is one of the reasons he called Christians to “set our minds on things above,” (Colossians 3:2). 

So if the things we see affect how we think and perceive, then we should be mindful of what our brains are soaking in like sponges. But are we? And what does it say about how we value other humans – – what is our value of our spouse?

Last night as I was sitting down to watch a show on Netflix, my wife shared with me about a show she attempted to watch earlier that a friend had suggested. Within the first few minutes, the two leads were full on going at it. Immediately she turned off the television. My wife values our marriage. She told me the name of the show and to not even click on the preview picture, as it showed images that a godly man does not need to see. My wife values me as a person. 

Television is such a pervading influence in our lives, yet are we mindful of what we are soaking in like sponges? Do our spouses protect us? Do we protect our spouse? What does it say about our marriages if we sit down and allow the influences of an immoral society hold value in our minds? 

If we are to lead others down the road of integrity, then we must do everything we can to protect our marriages. This includes the shows in which we watch. That which we receive, we perceive and then translate into lifestyle. May the things that you allow into your life speak of Jesus and transform your life, every day, and the lives of those you lead.

Would love to see what everyone here thinks about shows today and how they affect our views, habits, and our lives in general.

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