It’s hard to see everything that’s going on around me when I’ve got my eyes tightly shut.

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned porn’s tendency to isolate – to take someone’s focus and direct it inward, to the point where nothing matters quite as much as satisfying the addiction, the need for more.

Porn blinds us to the damage it’s doing to our hearts and lives, to our relationships, and to the people around us.

But it also blinds our eyes to all of the beauty that’s around us – in the simple things.

We lose sight of the simple joy that comes from being able to lay your head down on your pillow at night with a clean conscience.

We miss the beauty of an honest, open, and guiltless relationship with your spouse.

Free time that should be spent enjoying a relaxing moment, cultivating a friendship, or spending time with people we love is thrown away pursuing porn, which promises beauty but quickly morphs into loneliness and shame.

I hope you’ll take the time to read all of the posts this month about sobriety, or freedom – what it looks like and what it means.  Because, when you’re able to let go of porn, it’s amazing how much true beauty your eyes will open up to.

We often don’t even realize what we’re missing because we’ve been blind to it for so long.  Trust me – it’s a lot.

Sobriety is not easy.  It’s hard to break an addiction.  I don’t think you’ll ever meet a former addict who will tell you differently.

What they will tell you… is that it’s definitely worth it.

Don’t miss out.  Open your eyes.  There’s a lot of true beauty to be seen.