Social Media, A New Age Avenue

Our social lives now-a-days seem to rely online in so many ways.  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. are huge parts of our every day lives.  I am no different.  In fact, I get paid to play on Facebook and Twitter all day so I’m all for social media.  Americans especially are consumed by YouTube daily while millions are logged onto Facebook and Twitter all the time.  But at what cost does it become harmful?

While social media is great for connecting with friends and family, social media can also be an escape.  The thing about social media is that its online, and frankly, you can stay isolated and hidden while also being exposed all at the same time.  And since there is little filter on what people put up on social media, you are potentially put yourself in harms way of losing sexual integrity.

I help lead the youth ministry at the church I go to and I see this all the time with the kids we love.  They don’t know what it means to have a filter sometimes and it’s heart breaking to me.  And it’s not just pictures or video. Most of the time, it’s their content that leads to brokenness.  They see posts from ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends or posts from girls they like and when it’s not something they want to hear, they leave themselves vulnerable to temptation which leads them to losing their sexual integrity.  But it’s not just teenagers is it?  It’s all of us too that can feel that temptation.  Whether it’s broken relationships we deal with online or pictures we see on Facebook, social media has easily become a new avenue that traps us.  The good news though.  Jesus is bigger than all of that.  He is more powerful and loving than any situation you put yourself in and there is always a way out.  I’m not saying you need to give up Facebook or YouTube, but rather be aware and know that it’s not safer than any other medium.  And above all live in grace and love.  Because you are adored and cherished in Heaven, regardless of what medium may trip you up!