Do you remember what is was like to be a boy? I most certainly do especially now that I have a 7 year old running around the house. As I watch him do his little day to day activities I see his need to explore. He is curious about everything and wants to know all about it. When he is outside I am waiting for the moment he runs into the house with a bug in his hand screaming “daddy, what is this?” Fortunately it is not a bug that bites or its dead. I looking forward to the day when he carries a baby snake in and shows it to mom.

I hear stories all the time of things boys do like putting play dough in the microwave or throwing a dog leash over  the ceiling fan and attaching themselves to the other end so they can fly like Superman. I remember a time when me and my neighbor climbed on top of a shed and were trying to see if we could make a parachute. We used trash bags, umbrellas and tarps. We were about 10 to 12 feet off the ground and jumped off like it was nothing. Thank God that we never broke any bones or received a serious injury. We were not worried about consequences. All we were worried about was having fun no matter the cost.

Today you could not pay me enough money to climb on top of a shed, house or what ever and jump off. But too many times as men we act like boys. We just do what feels good to us at the time and don’t worry about the outcome. There is a song by Randy Travis with the same title as this blog.  One of my favorite lines from that song is “There’s a constant contradiction, what feels good and what feels right. But, you live with decisions that you make in your life. And what steers your direction is hard to understand, the spirit of a boy, or the wisdom of a man.”

What is steering your direction? Proverbs 3:7 says “Do not be wise in your own eyes; Fear the LORD and turn away from evil.”

This reminds me of the story of the Prodigal son. He thought he knew what was good for him. He asked for his part of the inheritance. Took off on his own and lost everything.  Don’t be like the Prodigal son seek wisdom from Christ he knows us better than anyone. James 1:5 says this about God  “But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all men generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him.”   Don’t continue making decisions with the spirit of a boy but with the wisdom of a man.


Steve Oh