I used to say that it’s been ten years since I found freedom from porn. 

But the truth is, it’s been ten years since I stopped looking at it.

I wasn’t free for a while after that.

Why do I say this?

Well, here’s the thing… We need to understand that true freedom is much more than just not indulging in certain destructive behaviors.

Just because you are sober doesn’t mean you have freedom.
Just because you’ve learned to accept your behavior doesn’t mean you’ve found freedom.
Just because your struggles are somewhat in the past doesn’t mean you’re living in freedom.

True freedom is holistic.

It’s freedom from the behavior itself (as in we stop looking at it).
It’s freedom from the urge to look.
It’s freedom from the resulting loneliness and isolation.

And I think one of the most important characteristics of freedom is this… being free from the shame of it all.

See, when I finally was able to talk about my struggles (both past and present), I experienced true freedom.

Because I finally understood that the acceptance of others did not define my value or worth. That we all have our demons, and your “demon” is no worse than mine. 

We all need help.
We all need to grow.
We all can be a better version of ourselves.

If you’re uncomfortable with my transparency, then that’s on you.

You need to deal with that.
I don’t.
I’m good.

Unfortunately, I think it keeps a lot of men and women stuck. 

How can you go after freedom when you feel you like you can’t talk about your struggles in the first place?

How can you begin to heal if you are afraid that when you identify yourself as “unhealthy,” you won’t just get mocked and rejected?

The reality is it’s a PROCESS getting to the point where we can walk in that type of freedom… where we aren’t afraid of being truly known, scars and all.

Maybe you know this, or perhaps you don’t, but I’ve worked with XXXchurch for 7+ years in one capacity or another.

Over those years, I’ve been apart of a lot of initiatives. Workshops, live events, you name it. And while I’ve enjoyed being apart of that stuff, the one resource that I felt created some of the biggest change in people’s lives was the Small Groups Online program.

Why? Because it offered a safe place for people. 

But even with that, it’s a tough ask for a lot of people. Showing up, face to face, talking about stuff you NEVER wanted to admit to anyone.

It was because of this; I started to believe we must create a safe place to start where people can come to the table, open-handed, and not be ridiculed, condemned, or ostracized for the fact that they have the integrity and conviction to own their mess.

But for this place to be welcoming, and not intimidating, it needed to be:

Easy to access.
Completely private.
Completely safe.
Always available 24/7.

And that’s what led me to start Live Free Ministries and create the Live Free App.

Watch this quick video!


If you’ve been struggling with porn one year, five years, 25 years… doesn’t matter, the Live Free App will give you what you need.

Support. Accountability. Practical teaching.

And don’t get me wrong. I do not promise a “miracle cure” for your porn use.

What I am promising is a great place to start your journey to freedom, with 1,000’s of other men all on the same road with the same goals. 

A like-minded, supportive community committed to your success.

Where you can be FREE because you are truly known.

It’s NEVER been easier to begin your journey to freedom.
It’s NEVER been simpler to start.

Sign up for the Live Free App today.

I hope you join us.
I hope you join me.

I can’t wait to see you get started on a path to true freedom and hope.