I found this on a website for Mountain Springs Community Church.  Their Pastor spoke about the outlook for our youth and the hope of our future (which was positive).  You can find all the notes on their website.


Put this in perspective and see what the next generation will look like:


 o Builders (born 1927-1945): 65% Bible-based believers


 o Boomers (born 1946-1964): 35% Bible-based believers


 o Busters (born 1965-1983): 16% Bible-based believers


 o Bridgers (born 1984 or later): 4% Bible-based believers


 (The Bridger Generation by Thom S. Rainer )


• While many today might classify themselves as believers, only 4% of this


next generation would affirm themselves as Bible-believing Christians!


Think about it, with 35% of the Boomers saying they are born again, Believers still produced:



o Morally corrupt films and TV programs


o The sexual revolution that has changed the sexual habits of two generations


o A pornographic industry unprecedented in history


o Civil initiatives promoting gay marriage


o Abortion that has seen the killing of over 50 million babies


o Battles to remove the 10 commandments from all public buildings


o The advent of the ACLU


o Fights to take “under God” out of our Pledge of Allegiance


o Almost 50% of our marriages ending in divorce



Ron Luce, the founder of Teen Mania, writes, “If these are the struggles


we face now, with 35% of the largest generation of Americans affirming a


belief in Scripture, can you imagine what America will be like when today’s


teens become the next generation to dominate the population, with only


4% currently claiming to be Bible-believing Christians?”



I realize so many of you who come on the XXXChurch site are young people, or at least a lot younger than I am.  I read your posts…I meet you at Porn and Pancakes and I realize how much I believe in this next generation.



 Keep up the good work…Youth Pastors, don’t quit…Men, stand up for your families.



“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”



God bless you,


 Steve G